Boundless Minds

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For something to have no bounds or limitations means limitless opportunity and possibility. Benjamin Rukwengye had the brilliant idea of creating a program focused on doing just that for the minds of tomorrow through mentorship.


“So everyday I wake up, I know that I have to do my bit and be content with it. When I am gone, those who take over will not have to start from where I started, and they will be grateful that I didn’t leave the entire load for them to carry – or even created more problems for them to solve.” – Benjamin Rukwengye, Founder


Boundless Minds was created to address the fact that there are millions of young people in the world that might never realize their potential without access to resources and guidance through networks.
Benjamin’s belief is that if those who have made huge strides in their careers can hold the hands of those who are staring out through mentorship, the future will be brighter.

The priority and model of the program is soft skills which equip trainees with the ability to solve problems, create and innovate - all of which are skills that millions of people in Africa graduate without acquiring. The soft skilling modules are only the beginning as the mentors help to create opportunities for the trainees from networking opportunities to internship avenues once one has completed the program.

Overall, the program is rooted in the undisputable fact that in order for us to meet the challenges of tomorrow, we must create better learning systems that help young people think better and differently.