The Story of Okere

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We currently live in a world where you are either part of the solution or the problem and as a result, we see more people standing up and trying to make a difference.

Inspired by the need to be useful and in service to humanity, Ojok Okello set out to build the first sustainable rural city in Africa in 2019.

To many people, this idea would have seemed like a tall order but he started anyway. Looking back on his life and what got him started, the inspiration for Okere city goes as far back as his childhood and his father’s influence on his purpose.

 Using holistic rural interventions to spark agrarian reforms and rural transformation, Okere city is an ambitious community collective to build the first sustainable rural city in Africa.


To achieve this mission, it was clear that all facets of the community had to be adjusted and improved. What makes Okere city stand out is that it is rooted in more than just economic activity but in many societal aspects like education, health, job creation, and sustainable development among others. On top of the health center and grocery store, Ojok and his team have set up a community school, community center and a cooperative society, all of which serve to achieve the vision.

In Ojok’s travels and scholar journey, he made the assessment that education should be the priority for the project. He believes that an educated community is equipped with the tools and resources to shape their own destiny.

Currently, Okere city has educational programs that have impacted 300 community members and children to date. Their hope is that in the next five years, the current impact their education programs have had will scale to 2000 learners every single day.

In a nutshell, Okere city is the dream of an individual who refuses to leave the world the same way he found it.